…for the blog stalker…

This is a quick post to a select group. If you’ve no idea what the hell I’m talking about, you aren’t in that group. Nothing personal. 🙂

Fellas, (not ‘fellas’ fellas, but you know, fellas i.e. dudes, bros (broes?)), couldn’t be happier having peeked behind the Great and Powerful OZ’s curtain (I’m reading Wicked, leave me alone).

‘Twas a stroke of genius. Thanks very much. Here’s to more of the same.

**Does anyone else hear that annoying ‘small world’ theme song? huh.**

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One thought on “…for the blog stalker…

  1. Gonna bookmark this one…funny stuff.
    Gotta think anyone strange enough to chase people around while on two wheels with a Valkyrie costume on is going to have a "unique" point of view.
    Come to think of it…everytime I've been stopped, I deserved it.

    Atticus in Concord

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