For My Partners, My Brothers (and Sisters)

I was recently looking at photos on my personal facebook page.  I looked back at the pictures of my growing family.  I saw MClet #1 as a baby, now a burgeoning first grader.  I saw MClet #2 being held by MClet #1.  Now, #2 is doing the same with MClet #3.

I saw pictures of a much younger MC and his (still) stunningly beautiful bride and how they’ve gracefully evolved into parents of three incredible kids.  It was a nice moment for me and one I do every so often to reconnect with the memories of passing time.

You know what else I saw, though?  The number of times I’ve changed my profile picture to the thin blue line.  It was there a lot.  I mean so much that I stopped counting because it was too much.  Yesterday, I tweeted, “I am getting really fucking sick of wearing the black band and of my profile pic.”  ThinBlueLine

Then I started thinking about how many times I’ve seen my extended LEO family outside of a funeral.  The sad reality is if we aren’t working for the same agency, or even out of the same station house, the odds are the only time I see them is at cop funerals.

It got me to thinking that cop funerals shouldn’t be the only time you all know that I think of you often and pray for you even more frequently.  Given the current climate in the world, things can look pretty divided.  Tense.  Scary.

It behooves us all to remember that we are not alone.

I got an email from a reader back east tonight telling me about his buddy that just got promoted to Motors.  After laughing about that being a promotion (if it’s legit, someone owes me a boatload of cash), I read on.  He was looking for some advice for his friend regarding being a new motorcop.

I’ve never seen this guy before.  Hell, we’ve never even spoken.  He could walk up to me, punch me in the face and I would have no idea who he is.  Doesn’t matter though.  Because we’re brothers.

I’ve received a number of messages and emails during all this crazy Dorner shit from other cops outside of California telling me that we’re doing a great job and to stay safe and they support us.  Again, never met them.  Doesn’t matter though.  Because we’re brothers.

I recently attended a conference regarding social media use in law enforcement, the SMILE conference (#smilecon).  I met a ton of people from something like five different countries during the week with whom I plan on maintaining a relationship.  Not because we’re social media whores (well, at least not solely), but because we’re cops.  Because we’re brothers…and sisters.  (You ladies didn’t think I’d forget about you, now did you?)

I wanted to make sure you know the feeling is mutual.  If you know me outside of this blog, outside of Facebook, outside of the Twitter-verse, please know I think of you often and even though we may see each other only at the saddest of times, you are always in my prayers.  If this is the only way we’ve ever interacted, please know I think of you often and you are always in my prayers.

Thank you for your continued support.  I will continue to do my best to honor that support.

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7 thoughts on “For My Partners, My Brothers (and Sisters)

  1. We pray every night as a family for all LEO’s, first responders, and all there families. We do this for you as well as to teach our children to respect all of you that do so much for us.

  2. MC,

    I’ve been reading for quite a while now, I live on the other coast. I’ve got countless friends in Law Enforcement and FF/PM work and a ton of respect for all involved… I didn’t know what to say with that crazy guy that got fired from LAPD, as I spoke to some of my friends here, a few were withdrawn, and some just wanted to be left alone. I get that.

    As I read your post about the only time you see people from your extended LEO family is at LEO funerals – I bought to mind something my Brother from another Mother (and best friend since kindergarten and I just turned 35) said to me on 15 Dec 2012, in tears at his office, having just read my post about the passing of a girl we went from Kindergarten through High School graduation with, she was 33. She has a four year old daughter. Why Us? Why has our class lost so many people? Why has our school lost so many people? I still don’t have an answer, but while I spend time with him and his wife and son, and some of our other friends, we don’t so much see many of our other friends. He’s about 90 minutes away from where we grew up in MD, down in VA, me being single, I take the country road and enjoy the scenery once a month or so, and go down to the farm to have a little recoil therapy as Ambulance Driver calls it. There is a range on the farm, and I keep my VA permit up to date, they just pay it when it comes to the house and life is good. But with losing this friend, we’re now going to have an annual golf tournament so we get to see each other outside of just the sad moments in life. We’re dedicating this one to our friends little girl, and I’m sure we will again through the years.

    Always in my prayers MC.

    God Bless & Stay Safe, Sir.


  3. Well said MC. I only hope and pray that one day there’s going to be a better reason for you all to get together.
    In regards to the review of past photos I have no problems, it’s the present ones that worry me. Why can’t they invent a camera that lies. I could live with that.

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