Flight overbooked?! We got you covered!

Please stow your tray tables and return your seats to their full upright positions because Motorcop and the Happy Medic are about to give you the nitty gritty about the United Airlines “controversy.”

Fresh off the internets comes a terrible tale of corporate greed run amuck, when a mild mannered family doctor is forced from his seat, bloodied and unconscious just so some employees can get a free ride.

Memes spread like wildfire and outrage was in full force.

That is until the facts started coming out.

In this episode of the Internets best EMS, police Fire podcast your heroes separate fact from fiction and tell you why the passenger (now referred to as #manbaby) is the one you need to be upset at, not the Airline who owned the plane where he had his tantrum.

Also find out why your hosts believe that United owes Sean Spicer a Pepsi.


Friend and supporter of the show , Phil Frenkel, sent HM Contentonomics, which he hopes to start very soon.