Flashback – A Request from Rover

This post was originally published in June of 2011.  Tonight on the book of faces, I had conversations on both my personal page and on MC’s page about kids in a car with the keys in the vehicle, the car running and the A/C on.  I’m gonna post about that soon, but it got me remembering our four-legged friends and how they should be treated when it’s hotter than the hinges of Hades.

Also, I’m lazy, hot and tired…and I still get to wash the motor for tomorrow’s festivities.  Enjoy the flashback, kids!

This week marks the official beginning of Summer.  The season every motorcop hates.  Why?  Have you ever worn kevlar in the heat?  It sucks.  A lot.  When you can wring out a T-shirt by 1100 hrs, it isn’t a good thing.

That notwithstanding, we aren’t the only ones that aren’t huge fans of 90+ degree heat.  Man’s best friend doesn’t mind the great big ball of fire…unless he’s stuck in your car. Your car turns into a nice little greenhouse when left in the heat for an extended period of time.  Even when the temperature outside is in the 80’s, temperatures inside a vehicle can be soaring and deadly.

Don’t believe me?  Tell you what, at the end of your work day, hop in your car.  Don’t roll the windows down.  Don’t turn on the A/C.  Just drive for five minutes in the heat of the car.  See how uncomfortable you get.  Now, multiply that by whatever multiplier will get a result equivalent to your shopping trip.  You will kill your dog.

My warning here is twofold: 1) I’m a dog lover.  I grew up with a Doberman and I loved her like a sister.  Being an only child, she was the only sibling I knew.  She was the greatest dog I’ve ever known.  For the majority of my life, I’ve had at least one dog.  I cry unfailingly at Old YellerMy Dog Skip, and I loved The Art of Racing in the Rain (which I cried at the end of).  Thus far, I’ve resisted Marley and Me.  2) If I catch you leaving your dog (or more than likely someone calls it in to us) in your vehicle and the dog is in distress, I’m going to bust out your window, save your dog, and arrest you for animal cruelty.

It happens every year, but I have yet to deliver on my promise.  Maybe this is my year…I certainly hope not.

Photo Credit: Flickr and tnarik

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