Gearing up for a dangerous night.

Well, the Grand Jury in the Ferguson case came back today and decided “no probable cause existed” to prosecute Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. That’s the long and short of it.

Sadly, it didn’t end there.

Mostly because opportunistic miscreants took to the streets to exorcise their anger demons, express themselves in a civilly responsible and respectful manner, break stuff, loot shit, and generally act the fool in full defiance of law enforcement.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Knock yourself out. I don’t live in your town. You do.”

There all kinds of things about this whole incident that drive me to write this evening; however, I have two main points I’d like to address.

1. Physical evidence doesn’t lie and has no agenda


2. “Unarmed” does not equal “Not Dangerous”. Especially when the “unarmed” man is trying to arm himself…with your gun.

One thing I noticed while listening to the prosecutor make his announcement from the grand jury (at least when the news wasn’t focusing on the broiling soon-to-be-violence outside), was the fact that the man was reading for all to hear the evidence that led the Grand Jury to come to its decision.

He told of lying witnesses. He spoke of witnesses recanting and admitting they said they merely repeated what they “heard on the street”. Most importantly, however, were his attempts to explain the physical evidence.

Folks, there’s a reason I love collisions so much. Because 99% of the time, the evidence tells me everything I need to know.

The evidence has no agenda. It doesn’t try to cover its own ass. It simply is.

Evidence exists to paint a picture of what occurred. All those things you’ve heard over the past few months about how Wilson shot Brown “execution style” and shot him “multiple times in the back” were complete garbage and the physical evidence reflected that fact.

Do you think the “protestors” heard/cared about any of that? No!

Do you think the media did? Please.

When the media cut away from the presentation of the evidence of WHY the Grand Jury came to its decision to bathe in the frothing mouths of imagined injustice, it became clear where the real story lied.

It was in the eventual lawless violence, rioting, looting, and general disregard for the law of the land.


Now, let’s talk about “unarmed”.

Oh, the media loves this term. Like full on tongue-kiss loves it.


Based on the response of this post I put on Facebook, it seems some of you agree. For those of you that don’t understand, allow me to expound.

When a person assails another with nothing more than his hands in an extremely violent manner and then tries to remove the victim’s firearm, that is an inherently dangerous situation. And in that situation, the victim gets to protect themselves. Period. As a police officer, it is beyond simple to articulate how one would feel and what one would be thinking when a person of Michael Brown’s size is beating the bejeezus out of you and trying to take your firearm.

If I were in Wilson’s shoes, my thought would have immediately been “this guy is trying to kill me” and “I need to shoot him”.

I’ve heard rumblings about how the “laws need to change” because of race relations between police and “minority” communities.

Let me be perfectly blunt here, folks. If you want to change the law of the land to reflect that I, as a police officer, can no longer lawfully protect myself when I fear for my safety and/or my life because the person trying to harm/kill me is of a different heritage than me, then you can simply fuck right off.


Tell you what, I’ll just quit now and get a cubicle gig somewhere. Then, when the wolf comes to your door, and threatens you with violence or steals from you or sexually assaults you, you can attempt to defend yourself. So long as you’re of the same heritage, mind you. Laws should apply equally to all, should they not?

If Michael Brown had been white, Darren Wilson would be held as a hero for protecting himself. If Darren Wilson had been black, it’s the same story.

There simply is no racial issue at play in this case beyond the perceived one promulgated by the media and media whores politicians with an agenda in which they profit from stoking those fires.

Playing into it is ignorance at its finest. You’re either blindly spewing talking points and don’t give two shits about rules of law or you are blatantly ignoring the evidence and looking for an excuse to act out.

Sadly, thousands (which in the scope of the population is a mere pittance) of people didn’t care to listen to the evidence because they had their minds made up based on nothing more than street conjecture. The media fed the hordes with promise of coverage of their antics while breaking away from the very facts that could have quelled the violence/rioting/stupidity.

This whole thing could have been avoided if someone somewhere in the crowd had a moment of clarity and realized that assaulting a police officer and trying to take his gun is a bad idea and would inevitably end badly for all involved.

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10 thoughts on “Ferguson

  1. I watched the announcement from start to finish. I heard what he was trying, in vain, to get across to the general populace. I saw the mob mentality take hold. And I watched as they looted, then started burning their town down. Then I heard reporters ask why the firefighters weren’t sticking around (after there was gunfire in the area) They didn’t want facts or evidence. Heck, they didn’t even require a reason to loot and burn. They were going to do it either way. People around the country claim change is needed, and they are dayem right. But not the change they want. (A free pass to act like rabid dogs) People need to Stop acting like thugs, and start acting like human beings.

  2. I am generally a huge fan of your blog, but do have to disagree on one point.

    “There is no racial issue”…you’ve been an LEO too long to believe this is so. It’s possible (even likely) that race played no part in Wilson’s decision to shoot. But that’s not the same thing. Ignoring that race is a factor in law and incarceration only guarantees something like this will happen again.

    Not saying the Wilson decision wasn’t valid. Not saying the chuckleheads rioting over it aren’t asshats. Just pointing out that race (and class…mostly class) is an issue here and in other aspects of our culture. We have an opportunity to engage in an honest discussion about it, maybe even find some answers. We shouldn’t waste that opportunity.

    • “Just point­ing out that race (and class…mostly class) is an issue here and in other aspects of our cul­ture. We have an oppor­tu­nity to engage in an hon­est dis­cus­sion about it, maybe even find some answers. We shouldn’t waste that opportunity.”
      Your point could be valid if anyone participating in this shameful event (media, protesters, Sharpton’s sycophantic mongrels, etc.) actually wished to engage in this or any such “opportunity”. Sorry, good sir, but if you believe any of those individuals involved in these shameful days will EVER have any such desire, then you are painfully naive. This, just like every prior “opportunity”, will be a waste; because the race baiting hate mongers have absolutely no desire to “engage in honest discussion”, period.

  3. You don’t try to take an Officer’s gun because you want to shake his hand. Once he made that decision there was never going to be a happy ending one way or another. The decision of the court and subsequent riots have made it on the news over here which just leaves me concerned for all the law abiding citizens and especially for those who will stand between them and the rioters. I will be saying a few prayers tonight. Stay safe all.

  4. Well said. Not that anything will make Americans into critical thinkers, but it’s nice to connect with the few, the logical, the non-sheeple.

  5. Loved reading this and I think you have summed it up very well. As a LEO for 30 years and serving thru the Rodney King debacle, these issues will never be resolved, someone somewhere will always play the race card and not take the time to think about what was going on in that moment. Unfortuantely our media and even our government speak of this as a race issue, when it clearly isn’t. Kudos to the county grand jury that did their job and followed the evidence to the just conclusion in this case. Had this been elsewhere, the evidence would not have mattered, it would have been the court of public opinion.

    Thank you for sharing what is on mine and I am sure others mind in regards to this case.

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