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Just a quick non-LEO post…

I’ve just recently acquired Madden 10 and am looking to start an online franchise league. Anyone interested? Shoot me an email with your particulars and I’ll get back to you!

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7 thoughts on “Fanboy Alert

  1. Don't do it MC. Those Madden games are super addictive. In a few months sitting in your robe, not having bathed in 3 days, boss calling saying you used all your vacation and sick days, you realize you've become a shell of a man. Bills go unpaid, wife goes unsatisfied, dog will hate ya and so on. Better to pick up a crack habit, at least that will get ya outside for stealing and such.
    Or so I've heard.

  2. It's too late for me, Atticus.

    I've been an addict for going on 15 yrs.

    Thanks for the reminder to shower, though. I shall put that on my to do list…for tomorrow. Now, if I can just figure out my running game…

  3. Here in Canada we have the similar problem of NHL 2010. People don't leave their basements for months.

  4. The one that got me hooked and I mean bad was Battlefield 2. Over 1000 hours in almost 14 months. Cracked top 100 ranking in the world as Anti-Tank. It really did start to screw with my life. Until I got that game I had never used a single sick day in 9 years. Than used entire allotment in 5 weeks. It was so bad I dreamed about playing when sleeping. And if a real helicopter flew nearby I had this urge to shoot it down. Luckily shoulder surgery and recovery snapped me out of it. Just couldn't use a mouse and keyboard for a couple of weeks. Plus Vicodin really messes with your hand-eye coordination.
    Hope your stronger than I was MC, hate to lose a good cop.
    MC? You there buddy? MC? Shit I think we lost him.

  5. I can't stop playing Civilization Revolution. I now have it on my iPhone, too. I'll be flying to Sydney in a couple weeks, so will have 14 hours of uninterrupted game time.. WOOHOO!!

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