Yeah…I know. I’m supposed to be on hiatus. I came across this as a homework assignment of sorts for a Bible study.

It seemed apropos….motivating…and validating.

I think the point is fairly clear. Some of our greatest successes come after our greatest failures. I’ll go ahead and expand failure to include challenges, naysayers, and the like.

There are great things brewing here at MCPD…I feel it in my bones.

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2 thoughts on “Failure

  1. They forgot one.

    A certain movie-star wanna be who auditioned at a movie studio. The fellow in charge of the auditions – who rejected him – made the following note:

    "Can't act, can't sing, can dance a little".

    Said actor-wanna-be tried another studio who gave him a shot.

    I always wondered how the dude that wrote that note felt later on, after Fred Astaire's name became a tad better known…

  2. Why thank you for posting that… I needed to see it again! Makes what I am going thru all worth it.

    If you get a chance.. please share your opinion to my question on yesterdays post that I did! I really would like your view on it!


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