Evolution of Policework

I was contacted again today by our friends over at Criminal Justice USA to see if I’d be interested in posting another infographic.  My response was something to the effect of “Cool info with pretty colors and cartoonish portrayal?  I’m in!”

I may have been a bit more eloquent than that, but that’s pretty much what I meant.

You may remember our last foray with infographics in the Good Advice for the Incarcerated post.  The following infographic was offered exclusively to MCPD, so you’re seeing it here first.  Well done, folks!  This graphic gives you some basic info about the timeline of the institution of the police in this country.

For example, do you know what year the first sheriff’s station was created?  If you said 1626, you cheated because you scrolled down to look.  No one knows that.  And nobody likes a cheater.

A Timeline of Police in the U.S.
Via: Criminal Justice Degrees Blog

Photo Credit: Flickr and Conner395