Every Cop’s Dream…I Just Won the Lottery.

In honor of the $680 kabajillion lottery we seem to be facing (and don’t get me started on what a ridiculous load of crap the lotto is, by the way), I offer to you my friends from the Reno Sheriff’s Office:

And yes, we’ve all had these fantasies.

A special thanks to Alexis (formerly of Magnum Boots USA…sniffle) for reminding me of this gem!

Photo courtesy of Flickr and Windsor Express

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3 thoughts on “Every Cop’s Dream…I Just Won the Lottery.

  1. God i wish something like that episode would happen out my way, some of what the officers i know would do would rival Reno 911 antics, of that i am quite sure!

  2. Ha! I never watched Reno 911. I’ve caught a few episodes, but that’s it. That is funny.

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