Hot (Racist) Cops. Well done, Gainesville.

The Crossover Show - 127

In this episode, MC and HM discuss a much ballyhooed photo (seen below) and the importance of background checks.

Being no strangers to the risks of social media, the guys weigh in on making sure the dude you put on the face of your department hasn’t made patently racist, offensive, and assholey (trademark pending) comments about an entire ethnic group.

Because as the department’s social media guy, you thought you had a golden goose…but the goose just shit all over your resumé.

Sorry, Gary. (MC and HM assume the Gainesville PD social media guy is named “Gary”.)

Ofr. Hammill (no relation) in the middle. He of the hipster/millenial/beatnik/Axe body spray variety.

Wait! Did you think we were done? Oh, heavens no! Fire has their fair share of fools, too! Introducing Jonathan Marotti from Crawfordsville, Arkansas. This Mensa member [insert sarcasm font] called for the POTUS to have professional athletes killed for kneeling during the National Anthem.


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