Thin Blue Neo-Nazi?! WHAT?!

The Crossover Show - 123

In this episode, HM and MC put on their political thinking caps to try to determine why a Blue Line symbol, used by Police to remember fallen brothers and sisters, wound up on an Anti-Fascist flyer on how to identify “alt-right” and neo-nazi groups.

The guys give you the PD and Fire angle on Charlottesville, Boston and how an image of a black cop protecting a Nazi flag and men saluting it is pretty much the definition of grace, honor and everything that blue line symbol represents.
What can we do when our symbols get hijacked by jerks and then used to lump us with other jerks?
How do we handle comments on duty by that small minority among us who belong to hateful fringe groups?
This isn’t the last skirmish these groups will have and we in the disciplines have to do what the officer in the photo did. Put on our uniforms and do our jobs.
No BOLO this week, just keep your heads on a swivel.

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