Do You Even Ban Cops, Bro?

The Crossover Show - 120

In this episode, MC and HM discuss the douchebaggery of one Jim Chambers, provocateur gym rat at EAV Barbell Club in Atlanta, GA.

Chambers, not a fan of law enforcement or The Crossover Show (we assume), recently posted a sign extolling his dislike of those that choose to risk their lives for the protection of others. That is to say, cops and soldiers.

You can check out his “reasoning” in this interview.

News flash for Mr. Chambers: We don’t need you to get stronger. There are countless strength training options/locations for those that decide to fight for those that can’t.

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One thought on “Do You Even Ban Cops, Bro?

  1. Well, one more business I’ll never go to. If I ain’t welcome, they will not make one thin PENNY worth of profit from me Glad I’m retired so I don’t have to respond there is a time they realize the need someone to help them when some freak comes in and starts shooting.

    Maybe their rock hard muscles will repel bullets? They are full of male bovine excrement.

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