Would you pay an extra $0.03 for more cops/firefighters??

The Crossover Show - 117

Time for the boys to check the newswire for news about the three disciplines.

And boy oh boy did it not disappoint!
Cook County laid off over 100 Sheriff Cadets because some restaurant owners lobbied against a soda tax and some firefighters got into a fist fight at the scene of a car fire.
What does Motorcop think about taxes that go towards public safety?
Why does HM support a beer tax?
Are we really the highest taxed in the world?
Spoiler: Someone we know is a certified tax preparer.
More importantly…why should we care that one of the firefighters duking it out in broad daylight is a “40 year veteran?”
And what do the boys think about “a 3 year veteran” doing anything at all except graveyard shift?”
Oh…and Dark Tower movie comes in again and the show goes long!