DRE – Drug Recognition Expert

As I said in the last post, I’m in DRE training for a two-week period. Once the training is complete and the certification days come and go, I’ll be officially recognized as a DRE.

What that means is, basically, more work for me. It’s cool, though…another feather in the cap and another line on the CV is a good thing.  Plus, taking drunks and dopers off the street and out from behind the wheel  makes it more likely I won’t get called out to another fatal crash.

At least that’s my thinking.

I posted the video below on the FB page yesterday, but it’s pretty funny, so I thought I’d throw it here as well.

I just finished up editing the second episode of the upcoming reboot of #TheCrossoverShow podcast and we actually bring up DRE.  I’m pretty sure when DRE is the subject of a whole episode, HM and I will get into it about how he thinks cops taking blood pressure is stupid and how I disagree and it’s important information given the totality of the circumstances of a case.

It’ll be epic. Plus, you know we’ll have a beer or two on board, so the irony isn’t lost on either of us.

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One thought on “DRE – Drug Recognition Expert

  1. HM can think us breaking out the sphygmomanometer (I can say that word because I’m a DRE…LOL) is nonsense. However, even he can’t deny following a systematic & standardized process to obtain clinical signs & symptoms can do nothing but provide solid evidence (both inculpatory or exculpatory). If he thinks listening to Karotkoff sounds is too far above our understanding, we could start calling him out Each. And. Every. Time. We. Do. An. Evaluation.

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