Do You Yell At Your Accountant, Too?

The other day, as yet another satisfied customer was screaming at me for doing my job, I thought to myself, “How come nobody yells at their _______.”

Oddly enough, that blank actually existed in my head.  You could put just about any other profession in that spot.  Here are five quick professions that it would be ludicrous to yell at:

1. Barista

2. Accountant

3. Dentist

4. Waiter/Waitress

5. Mailman

Now, I’m not saying that none of those people have ever been yelled at by an irate customer.  What I am saying is that I’m willing to bet it isn’t nearly as often as people yell at police officers.  What is it about a uniform, badge, and gun that makes folks feel like they need to unload a lifetime of “unfair treatment” on one person?  I don’t get it.  

How tightly wound are you if getting a seat belt ticket is enough to throw your world off kilter?

One of my standard lines prior to writing a ticket is “It’s not the end of the world”.  Truly, it isn’t.  You wouldn’t believe how many people reply, “Yes, it is!”  I’ve taken the conversation even further upon that response with “I assure you, the world is not coming to an end because you failed to use your turn signal.”

Think they stopped and thought, “Silly ol’ me.  There I go exaggerating again.  Ever so sorry, Officer.”?  Nope.  What amazed me was the fact that the person that said they thought the world was going to come to a screeching halt actually appeared to believe their own hype!  How self-involved is that?

Despite what you may think, there is a living, breathing man or woman beneath the badge and bullet proof vest.  We bleed.  We have feelings.  I mean, other cops do.  I have no soul, which is why I have to crush the souls of others and feed off the misery that my mere presence mandates.  #SoulCrusher (sorry, slipped into Twitter hash-taggery there for a second).

If you don’t think your barista wants to hear you kvetshn (shout out to my Jewish and/or New York friends) about how frothy your latte is, what makes you think a cop wants to hear you opine about how unfair it is that you were stopped instead of the guy in front of you who was, by the way, doing the exact same thing you were?

Do you insult the lineage of your waiter if your burger is medium well instead of medium rare?  Do you swear like a sailor when the mailman delivers your copy of Douche Quarterly to your neighbor by mistake?  If your dentist initially uses too little novocaine do you tell him, in no uncertain terms, that he is merely a whore for the pharmaceutical company that is doing such a terrible job at balancing their books?  Of course not.  Do you know why?  Because it’s uncivilized and you are not that big of an a-hole…until you get pulled over.  Then, civility goes out the window, all bets are off, and you turn into a raving lunatic with no understanding of personal responsibility and/or common sense.

I don’t think bringing this up is going to stop the ridiculous behavior of the motoring public.  Not by a stretch.  Sometimes, this venue is merely a soapbox from which I can vent my cathartic ramblings instead of taking someone’s head off on a traffic stop…or, God forbid, appear to “enjoy my job too much”.  😉

What about you, who was the last person you yelled at?

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15 thoughts on “Do You Yell At Your Accountant, Too?

  1. I have been more frequently encountering these poor, misunderstood pillars of the community* who so kindly sing praise to me and my fellow deputies upon initial contact but lose their mind when I write the ticket. To me it is pure entertainment to see the instantaneous flip-of-the-switch mental transition from timid, church-going John Buttkiss or Jane Criesalot to full-on incoherent, spittle spraying obscene, beat the shit out of the car Tazmanian-Devils (in true Looney-Tunes TAZ fashion).

    (*self-absorbed, self-righteous tools who are never personally responsible for their )

  2. I enjoy the post, but I disagree with part of it. You mentioned examples of other professions, but the examples of them where of them making mistakes. Cops are yelled at for doing their job and doing it correctly. A better example is the mail man delivering your mail on time, and to the right address, then going out and yelling at him.
    Love the blog, keep up the great work and stay safe!

  3. Sadly, the people who yell at you probably would yell at all those other people. These people feel entitled to get what they want when they want and exactly how they want it. I don’t imagine they would have any qualms yelling at any other professionals if they did not get their way. I say this because I would not yell at a barista, server, accountant, etc., nor a police officer, because I know yelling is neither polite nor effective. From this, I surmise that someone who doesn’t realize how impolite and ineffective yelling is does not differentiate between which professionals they might yell at and which they wouldn’t.

  4. The last person I yelled at was my daughter. She’s 7. She decided that it would be a good idea to take all the water in the bathtub and splash it out onto the floor. I haven’t been pulled over by a police officer in several years, but it was all “yes sir, no sir” when the nice highway patrol officer let me know I was going too fast.

    I’m a respiratory therapist at a small medical center. I get my share of yelling, especially when I work night shift and wake people up to give them a breathing treatment. Usually, I just tell them not to get mad at me, get mad at the doctor who ordered the treatments. Sometimes that works.

    • @LadyHavoc, you have provided another example that back’s up MedicDan’s point. There you are, in the middle of the night, literally helping people breath and they express their gratitude by yelling at you, go figure… (BTW I have a high regard for your profession, my niece is a RT at a state facility that houses both the mentally disabled and the criminally insane.)

      I also wanted to second MC’s observation that Chris wrote one of the best comments I have ever seen posted here.

  5. Did I ever refer you to ? It’s full of tales of people being yelled at as part of their jobs. Frequently these people are either irrational or outright crazy. [Some of my favorites involve people who insist that other countries — not just Canada — are part of the US.] And, yes, there are people who start screaming at waiters/baristas/clerks/cashiers/etc over tiny little things.

    Next time you have an afternoon to waste, take a peek. It’s the first site I check every morning ;).

  6. In answer to your question I would have to say I don’t yell at people. Now this may give a false impression of a saintly life but unfortunately it is my one and only saving grace. When it’s my turn to stand before the Pearly Gates St Peter after perusing many pages of sins and faults will be able to end the litany with “but he doesn’t yell at people”. I’m hoping it’s enough to get me in.
    However, since reading your post I do have this increasing urge to go yell at the mailman, after all dogs don’t like the mailman. Can millions of dogs be wrong? Oh get ye behind me Satan.

  7. I think the comparison is a bit off. People don’t usually yell at others when they are doing them a service that requires little change on their part. The bartender, the postman, the mechanic: when these people do their job well, it makes my life better, and I change little.

    But the better a police officer does his job, the more the lawbreaker has to change. It is more akin to teenagers yelling at their parents.

    Selfishness can be more easily hidden when it is not challenged directly. But the very job of a police officer is to challenge people’s selfishness with the law.

    • “But the very job of a police officer is to challenge people’s selfishness with the law.”

      That could be one of the best statements I’ve ever seen in the commentary. Excellent point, sir!

  8. The last people I yelled at were my neighbors at Extended Stay American in Memphis, TN. I didn’t yell, but I was prepared to raise my voice as needed to either room. The first night it was the people on one side who were playing their music too loudly. I knocked on their door and the music was instantly turned off. No one came to the door. A few nights later the genius on the other side of me started yelling on the phone at 11:30 at night, waking me from a sound sleep. He would not shut up, so I banged on the wall and the noise turned off like a light switch.

    Yelling at a cop is generally not going to help, unless you are screaming for help or maybe yelling “Gun! Gun!” and pointing at someone. However, think for a minute. The folks you are ticketing likely have already accumulated a few violations one way or another. The rest of us are good enough to obey traffic laws most of the time, certainly when you and your ray gun are in sight.

  9. If you think people don’t yell at their baristas, waiters, dentists etc., you obviously haven’t been reading Service industry people don’t have to do their jobs *wrong* to get screamed at; more often, what happens is that they have *refused* to do their job wrong despite having been requested to do so (e.g. refunding money for supposedly bad pizza that the customer ate anyway), and the fact that someone actually had the gall to say No to these people just sets them off.

    More fun than anyway, because you can post comments and follow-ups, which NAR doesn’t allow.

  10. “Here are five quick professions that it would be ludicrous to yell at:

    1. Barista”

    Baristas get yelled a lot, at least where I last worked. Less than cops because baristas are the ones holding the all powerful drugs that people want, but more than you would imagine. At least once a week per barista. Often more often. Caffeine junkies are worse than crack heads (and I say that as a caffeine junkie).

    “If you don’t think your barista wants to hear you kvetshn (shout out to my Jewish and/or New York friends) about how frothy your latte is,”

    One man was so outraged by how frothy his latte was he threw it at the wall while cursing very loudly. Fortunately, he had made it outside before he discovered the foam ratio.

  11. I work in customer service for a tobacco company, so trust me when I say that I understand completely how much is sucks to be vilified solely on the basis of your job. Who cares that the company that I work for is one of the most foward-thinking, responsible tobacco companies out there, and that not only do we not market to smokers under the age of 21, but that we won’t even have conversations with non-smokers or people who are looking to quit smoking. No, I work for a tobacco company, and so I am scum, and people constantly speak to me as if I’m the Devil himself. It’s fun, only not fun at all.

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