CVC 27007 or, alternate title, My Hypocrisy only goes so far

CVC 27007 states in part, “No driver of a vehicle shall operate any sound amplification system which can be heard outside the vehicle from 50 or more feet when the vehicle is being operated upon a highway”.

Translation: Turn down your fucking stereo.

Herein lies my hypocrisy. I love me some loud music. Always have. I remember being a kid and studying in my room. Minding my own business, really (bait the hook). All of a sudden, Mom would come busting in my room (set the hook) and tell me to TURN DOWN THAT MUSIC!! (And play out the reel, baby….whiizzzzzzzzz). I calmly told her at one point something to the effect of “Mom, when I start getting something less than A’s and B’s, I’ll turn down the music.”

The preceding really doesn’t have much to do with the post. I just like poking that particular bear in that particular zoo. xoxo

At any rate, since my childhood, I have enjoyed music at a decibel level that is more than likely not the healthiest for hearing later in my years. However, there have been times I have been trapped in a setting where loud activities were afoot and dammit, if I’m gonna go deaf, I’ll do it to my music, thank you very much. That being said, I haven’t changed all that much. I still enjoy my Rock and I enjoy it loud. Be it in the car or the iPod.

I understand the section listed above. More often than not, I ignore the loud music coming from passing vehicles. However. If I can hear you over the rumbling of my Harley, dispatch yammering in my left ear and Kirk Hammett wailing away in my right, you’re getting a ticket. You heard that right. Have iPod, will travel. There’s something intrinsically poetic about stopping a car while the Stray Cats sing “I fought the law”.

And here’s another point. If your goddamn bass is shaking my internal organs, you’re lucky I don’t get off my bike, rip your 1000 watt woofer out of your trunk and beat you to death with it.

So, yes. I am a hypocrite. But it’s okay, because I embrace my hypocrisy. You better believe I’m not stopping anybody blasting “Wanted Dead or Alive”! Play on, Sambora, play on!

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18 thoughts on “CVC 27007 or, alternate title, My Hypocrisy only goes so far

  1. The Clash is the only version of "I Fought the Law" worst listening to. Sissy.

    BTW, I put "The Globe" and "Rush" from BAD on my 90's list- makes me think of more carefree, and more stupid, times . . .

  2. Ok – you got my birthday off to a roar. I can hardly wait for the day when the Princess has some god-awful "music" booming from the privacy of "her" room and it absolutely eats away at the very fibers of your inner ear. THEN it will be funny! And, yes, I do realize that it pisses you off when I give you the "just wait" speeches … that's why I do it. xoxo

  3. I sleep just fine at night knowing that I'm contributing to to your ticket count. It bugs the wife when the brain numbing bass goes driving by, but Hey, it pays the bills
    -the BIL

  4. Coprzmom! There is nothing better than to point out to your adult child that she/he used to do the same thing as their child – and you get to step in and say, "Leave the baby alone!" hahahahaha I remind every chance I get! hahahaha

    Motor, cite away! I can't stand the so called music of today. I sound like I was born in the '50s…but I wasn't….much later…really…

  5. Ever notice that it is never classical music that is blasted out of cars? I remember getting 'woofed out' by some rock/rap/whatever and I had Wagner's Ride of the Vallkeries on, I turned it up and I am sure we confused the folks in the crosswalk in front of us.

    I really dislike sitting in my car and hearing someone else's music especially when it feels like my heavy chevy is starting to shimmer from the sound waves.

    Then again as a kid I didn't stay in the house that much so music noise was not an issue…truck noise from the road outside my window was bitch though.

  6. I love this CVC section!! The newest I like is 23123 CVC. So nice to see that there are others in LE creating blogs about work. Hope to read more and laugh!!

  7. Actually come to think of it me paying my bills will help you pay your bills so it is a win-win situation


  8. I knew I was getting old when I had to tell my 11 yo old to turn it down (but in my defense her music is crap). On the other hand, my 10yo gets off easy because some of the songs on Guitar Hero are just fantastic!

  9. I've been known to put the FM radio over the PA on occasion, but there's no telling what kind of music it will be. Ridin' Dirty, Dare, and Iron Man have all gotten particularly funny reactions.

  10. "At any rate, since my childhood, I have enjoyed music at a decibel level that is more than likely not the healthiest for hearing later in my years."

    I demand an apology for you telling me I mumble. Sounds like a personal problem to me, since no one else has told me I mumble.

  11. Oh way to funny! We live in a very quiet neighborhood. I come home last week with a new cd in hand. I wanted to hear a few songs and didnt want to wait to rip them to the mp3. I tell my still working officer via text. I turn up the stereo full blast! Rock out for the 2 really good songs… Listen to the next while I check my cell (of which I couldn't hear over the stereo) My officer is texting and calling like a mad officer! "We're en route!!!!!!!"

    No Way!!! It was only loud for 10 minutes! Mean neighbors I never do this!!! He read me the call gives me the call number. I go in the back office and start ripping the cd to go on my mp3 player! Yes I was hiding also!

    I go to work the next morning and ya.. Look up the call! It existed, sure… but for the block 1/2 mile away!!! and not for our house!

    Ya, no dinner for him that night!! Bad Officer!!! 😉 Payback is priceless!!! So was the music!

  12. Edi Birsan said…

    Ever notice that it is never classical music that is blasted out of cars? I remember getting 'woofed out' by some rock/rap/whatever and I had Wagner's Ride of the Vallkeries on…

    Hey Edi, we must be related. One of my favorite things to do when I still had a convertible was to drive around "the hood" with Wagner cranked!

    Oh, the looks I got!

  13. I don't understand why everyone is kissing your ass. I just got one because the officer was SOOOO SURE I was drunk. Your job is to protect the citizens of your city…not slam us with ridiculous tickets. Seeing as how you "embrace your hypocrisy" I seriously think you should hang your hat in shame. You are not an officer of the law, but a bully with a badge.

    Good Forbid someone wants to enjoy a song with the windows down being equipped with a stock sound system. Its a bullshit ticket that one can't avoid getting. How in the fuck does one know when his radio can be heard from over 50 ft? Is there a meter for that? Or is it left to the dick in the uniform to decide when its too loud or whether he likes my taste in music?

    As Im sure you've dealt with your fair share of asshole citizens, but I've come across too many morose scrotumsucking bastards to consider this a "fair" ticket…especially considering the fine being as upwards as $250 (but typically averaging $186)…but I digress

  14. Nobody likes a whiner. Pay your fine and be happy you didn't get popped for DUI.

    Use some common sense instead of bitching about it to the same kind of cat that would rag you for it probably based in part on your attitude.


  15. I'm doing my research on this infraction. I happen to get the ticket on my bicycle and playing my music. Two undercover cops with nothing better to do than give me a ticket. Just wonder how many tickets they've given out for Harley riders with modified exhaust. My guess is zero!

    LB, the most bike friendly city in America? What a joke! This ticket is going to cost them, cause I ain't paying it. I'm fighting!

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