The Crossover Show – 091

ACLU, Cameras, and the Inauguration

In this episode, MC and the HM jump headfirst into the ACLU Washington DC PD body camera issue and somehow end up talking about CCTV, the First Amendment and why this kerfuffle is much ado about nothing.

MC is giving a speech from a teleprompter and HM is reading a manifesto about technology called You Are Not a Gadget.

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One thought on “The Crossover Show – 091

  1. Due to the nature of Police work anything can happen at any time. Body cameras need to record that and the only reliable way for that to happen is to have them on all the time. The camera is just an eye, a line of vision. You wouldn’t ask an Officer to walk around with his eyes closed until it is appropriate to open them. He or she is not out there to play “peek-a-boo” so why would you do that to a camera.
    If that footage is misused then that’s a whole different issue and procedures should be in place to deal with it and those procedures are the area where Monica and her duplicitous cronies should concentrate on if they see fit and not whether a camera is on or off.
    Of course having said that I think MC should be able to turn his camera off when taking a bathroom break as no one should be there when the sh*t hits the pan.

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