The Crossover Show – 070

Mr. Reginald Johnson Goes to Jail

crossover logoIn this week’s episode, HM and MC discuss the case of Reginald Johnson…not his real name (fans of Super Troopers will appreciate that)…and Spokane PD.

Seems Mr. Johnson got himself into a bit of an alcoholic daze and the interaction with Spokane PD was recorded. Spokane PD made the video public and now all kinds of folks are bent out of shape about it…mostly Mr. Johnson and the ACLU.

Wherever you fall in the argument, do yourself a favor and watch the video.

Truly a timeless classic.

Is Mr. Johnson being shamed? MC kinda hopes that’s a by-pr0duct. Or did Spokane just want to show the citizens of Spokane what it is they deal with on a daily basis?  You be the judge!


The Way I Heard It With Mike Rowe – You won’t regret your time!

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