The Crossover Show – 063


crossover logoIn this week’s episode, MC and HM welcome a special guest! Keith Graves, a 17-year DRE (that’s Drug Recognition Expert, folks) instructor, to the show.

A little over a year ago, MC achieved his DRE certification and remembers fondly being mocked mercilessly by HM for having to use a sphygmomanometer (Google it. It’ll be easier.) Keith came on the show to help clear up any medical issues that HM may balk at and lends his knowledge and wisdom about the drug world.

Keith also sticks around for Ask MC (which should be called Ask the Cops, considering). The guys had a great time with this episode (and spoiler alert: next week’s show) and are very appreciative to Keith for gracing them with his presence. (It’s appropriate to respect one’s elders and HM and MC are nothing if not respectful.)

You can find Keith here…even though the guys think @graves_ass is more appropriate.