The Crossover Show – 059


crossover logoIn this week’s episode, HM and MC jump directly into the topic with little folderol and even less brouhaha.

On May 28, 2016, Flagstaff officers shot and killed an attempted carjacker who was armed at the time of the incident. Whilst that may seem par for the course, that really isn’t the bigger story.

The bigger story was the ferocity with which the guys watched the video and yelled, “Shoot him!” repeatedly.

That’s right. A fire guy with zero police experience and a cop both had similar opinions about when it was legal, legit, and damn near a moral imperative to shoot the carjacker.

Thing is, though, they didn’t. At least not soon enough to satisfy your hosts. Thankfully, officers were uninjured, the bad guy is in the ground and no civilians were harmed. Tune in and hear all about it!


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One thought on “The Crossover Show – 059

  1. Camera placement: Freeze frame around 1:12-1:14 and look at the officer’s shadow. Appears to be on the side of his head (glasses mount)

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