The Crossover Show – 052

The Unedited Vine Show w/ Mike the Cop and Officer Daniels

crossover logoIn this week’s episode, you lot get what you’ve been hounding MC and HM about…the unedited Mike the Cop and Officer Daniels’ episode.

To be fair, MC was happy to give it to you since he does the editing and this involved zero work on his part. He owes you a beer. As this posts, HM is in Indianapolis having wrapped his FDIC presentation and MC is prepping his 10+ hour presentation in Mississippi, so this week was a blessing. Not to worry, they prepped a few weeks worth of shows during a busy season and will continue to make your Fridays glorious.

If the guys had to guess, there’s probably about 20 minutes of edited out banter that is included in this episode. HM and MC had an absolute blast interviewing Mike and Daniels, so they sincerely hope you simply sit back and enjoy the director’s cut (podcaster’s cut?) of this episode.