The Crossover Show – 051

The Steve Kamb Interview!

crossover logoIn this week’s episode, MC and HM completely NERD OUT. The guy’s welcome Nerd Fitness founder, Steve Kamb!

Listen to the ever popular Origin Story and find out how Steve has created an Empire/Rebellion from like-minded folks the world over. (Like literally. Dude’s been all over the globe.)

If you’re a member of the Three Disciplines, your excuses about your health are in danger…but you’ll love every second of it!

This week’s episode is a lengthy one, so do yourself a favor and listen whilst going for a walk, during your workout, or while having that beer (the guys haven’t completely lost their minds, you know).

Also…look out Hardwick! Your throne is in danger from the Rebellion!


Here are the articles specifically discussed on today’s episode (there’s a ton of great info above and beyond these)!

How to stay in shape despite working weird hours

You Can’t Outrun Your Fork

Intermittent Fasting

Is Rice Healthy for Me?