The Crossover Show – 049

Vine Superstars Mike the Cop and Officer Daniels

crossover logoIn this week’s episode, MC and HM welcome INTERNET SENSATIONS, Mike the Cop and Officer Daniels of Vine fame.

Want to know what inspires them? The guys got you covered.

Want to know how they got started? They spill it for you.

Want to know where they work?  Too bad.

Want to know how much Mike loves MC’s mom? You’ll have to tune into the bonus episode to be aired in a couple of weeks.

This is part one of a two-part interview. Why two parts, you ask? Because once all four of these idiots got to talking, they wouldn’t. shut. up. Seriously.

You’re gonna love this episode!

No BOLOs this week…instead, check out their Vine pages:

Mike the Cop

Officer Daniels

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One thought on “The Crossover Show – 049

  1. That moment you realize episode 50 isn’t appearing because it’s Thursday…..not Friday….I’m gonna go cry now.

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