The Crossover Show – 048

The One with all the Feeds

crossover logoIn this episode, HM and MC rely on the Book of Faces for show ideas.

The Book of Faces never disappoints. The guys talk hate crimes (There a bill to make cops included in hate crimes), social media policies, Angry Cops, and a fair amount of teasing for next week’s show where we interview Mike the Cop and Officer Daniels of Vine-fame.

Also in this go ’round, San Bernardino comes up again…but not how you think.


MC’s new website, The Motorcop Mindset will be launching soon. He’s a video teaser:

MC will be presenting at the STORM conference in Vicksburg, MS on May 3rd and 4th.

HM will be presenting at FDIC in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 21st.