The Crossover Show – 047

The One Where MC Forgot to Push Record

crossover logoIn this admittedly brief episode, MC shamefully admits to forgetting to push record on an EPIC episode of the show. The handful of viewers on Periscope were privy to what the boys are calling the “lost episode”.

What follows is but a shadow of that fabled show, but a solid show nonetheless.

A couple of EMTs in Stafford County, Virginia, made the decision to transport a seizing kid in the back of a fire engine and are taking some heat (see what we did there?).

Was it a good decision or a bad one?

Along the same lines, if first responders have to wait for an extended period of time to transport a gun shot victim (as happened recently in DC), at what point do you simply put the victim in a patrol car or paddy wagon and transport yourself?

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