Criticism: A Cop’s Bread and Butter

CriticismAs part of my Leaders are Readers Initiative (an initiative I just now decided to claim), I am reading Tony Robbins’ latest book, MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. As I was reading, I ran across a quote that I couldn’t help but to equate to law enforcement and the current pastime of criticizing the police.

In Chapter 5.2, Tony is talking about a particular investing strategy employed by one Ray Dalio and how the media and any number of pundits will bag on Dalio if his approach isn’t successful 100% of the time.

He goes on to say that is true of any strategy Dalio may apply. If his returns beat the market, but aren’t what they once were? Criticism. If his returns fail to beat the market? Criticism.

The point is this:

You’re going to face criticism. And so what?

At the bottom of page 397, Tony quotes Dr. David Babbel, who said, “Let them criticize; let us sleep.”

He doesn’t delve any deep into the quote or to what Babbel was referring when he said it. He just lets it stand on its own.

I loved it.

As cops, we get so wrapped around the axle when we are lambasted in the media or when we are excoriated in the social media realm. I’ve been just as guilty as the next copper.

We’ll bitch and moan in lineup/roll call. We’ll complain to our partners. We’ll commiserate with cop buddies or other first responders.

When incidents like Ferguson or protests come up, we will be accused of atrocities ranging from civil rights violations to excessive force based on nothing other than a 15-second cell phone video clip with no accompanying explanation or presentation of facts.

“Leaders” will take to their soap boxes and call for justice stir the pot and at best incite more lawlessness or at worst, call for our summary execution.

I’ve written before about the Silent Majority, but this post isn’t directed to civilians (although, I think they’ll benefit). It’s directed to my fellow first responders, LEOs specifically.

What we do in response to these ill-targeted and venomous, hatred-filled diatribes says more about us than any blog post can.

What do 99% of us cops do when we criticism (to be kind) is lobbed our way?

We go to work.

We patrol our beat.

We take bad guys to jail.

We investigate collisions and crimes.

So, to my fellow enforcers of the law, I simply echo Dr. Babbel’s quote:

[Tweet “”Let them criticize; let us sleep.””]

We can’t effectively do our jobs if we are sleep deprived. I haven’t lost a wink of sleep during these turbulent times because I know I’m doing my job well and in line with policy/procedure.

Sleep the sleep of the just, my friends, for tomorrow we will don our vests, gun belts, and badges to continue the fight.

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