Congrats, Ofr. Wes Morgan!

I saw this article over at and thought it was important to share it with the rest of you.

After a long and distinguished career, Ofr. Morgan has hung it up and should be living the good life from here on out. Well done with your efforts to get drunks off our streets, Ofr. Morgan. I aspire to get even partway to the numbers you compiled in your long career.
I must say it’s nice to see a national website such as taking the time to highlight some positive LEO news. I have no doubt in my mind that Ofr. Morgan has saved more than one life in his career. Although it started off on a difficult note, he took that experience and did what many may very well not be able to do…he didn’t accept defeat. Rather, he made it his mission to see that if he could do anything about it, another life wouldn’t be snuffed out.
I applaud you, Ofr. Morgan. May God bless you and your family. Enjoy your retirement!!!

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2 thoughts on “Congrats, Ofr. Wes Morgan!

  1. It is great to see such a story on a "national" website. I think its even better than it was published by the Contra Costa times which certainly isn't aimed at a police audience.

  2. Ok, I have one problem with that article. It starts out, "When he was a young patrol officer…" and then later states that Officer Morgan is 51.

    I'm sorry, but 51 IS NOT OLD!!!

    Sign me,
    Also 51….

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