Comedic Break

This one made me laugh out loud. And to answer your questions, no, I am not the crusty old British wanker in the video. No offense if you are a crusty old British wanker, by the way.

Interesting, note…anyone see where the cop parked his bike in relation to the vehicle? What the hell?!? Maybe ‘cuz you Brits drive on the wrong side, this is SOP, but I’m gonna assume it’s just poor research on the director’s part and move on.

And lastly, credit where it’s due…thanks, Kyle for the link.

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5 thoughts on “Comedic Break

  1. While I understand the reference, MC, I think it would be a great public service if you could define "wanker" for your readers. Or at least direct them BBC-America to get these references in context. Little Britain, The In-Betweeners, Catherine Tate Show, etc. I mean, "wankers" is a pretty important word here.

    And after that, we can move on to defining "Chavs". This is serious stuff!

  2. Thanks for the credit. But I stole it as well. It's free game to anyone else to use, too. I promise to keep with your code of anonymity, but I couldn't help but think of Mrs. MC and the girl child. And I'll bet you a dollar to a donut that this could happen in real life, if I'm allowed to intervene with my shenanigans 🙂

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