Code 3 Cover

For those of you not in law enforcement, allow me to explain code 3 cover. Typically, it means a cop is in a fight and needs some assistance. Actually, it’s a bit more than that, but in layman’s terms that should cover it.

I’ve never had to call for code 3 cover. Until tonight.

This post is not about the incident. This post is about my cover. I had to fight for less than twenty seconds until my partner arrived…followed by about 15 other cops. I wish I could express to you the feeling of security I felt when they all arrived, my partner first among them.

What followed was typical post-incident tasks: statements, photos, etc. What wasn’t typical were the queries of “Hey, man, you okay?” Don’t misunderstand, the incident truly wasn’t that big of a deal. I wasn’t wrestling Jeffrey Dahmer or a grizzly a la Davy Crockett. The point is that my brothers and sisters wanted to make sure I was all good.

The brotherhood we share as cops is not found in many walks of life or professions. You find it in the military. You find it in Fire/EMS. You don’t find it in a cubicle farm. Tonight, I appreciated that brotherhood on a whole other level.

And not to worry, I’m no worse for the wear. Two people went to jail and I came home to my family. Win/win.

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9 thoughts on “Code 3 Cover

  1. Glad you're ok MC.
    And yes the "brotherhood" is strong. I've worked in law enforcement 7 years now and we pull together when we need to. Whether it's to help the deputy that was shot making a felony stop or to offer assistance to the one whose young child has been diagnosed with cancer, weare there for each other…
    As I tell any of my "guys" (I work with MC's & 2 detective divisions)… Be safe out there.

  2. Glad you're okay and hooray for your brothers and sisters in blue! That kind of fellowship and caring is indeed rare. (For example, I was all excited that some of coworkers showed up at my farewell lunch this week. That's about all I could ask from them…:P)

  3. I can say from experience that as an EMS provider who has been placed in harms way in the past, I am very grateful when folks like you show up to my aid.

  4. We've got each other's backs brother to brother and those of a different mother (LEO and Fire/EMS). As it always will be.

  5. Glad you're okay!

    The important thing to remember is this sense of community extends beyonds to borders of our specific agencies. I've had to request Code 3 PD once in my career and I had a dozen of the city's finest pulling a combative patient off of me before I realized it. They responded to the incident just as they would if it were an officer requesting back-up. That meant a lot to me.

    We stick our necks our for each other regardless of the patch on the shoulder. That's a pretty special thing.

  6. You say it was nothing but obviously it was enough to call in the cavalry and what a great response. Full of admiration, with just a touch of envy, for you and the brotherhood of which you are part. Fantastic effort guys and girls.If the rest of society took a leaf out of that book the world would be a better place.
    Great to know you are OK and great to know the cavalry is looking out for you.
    Keep well and stay safe.

  7. You going home to your family each night is the name of the game!!! And a moment every dispatchers starts breathing again!!@

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