It’s the Christmas Season: Time for a Giveaway!

ynab3There’s no better time to do a giveaway than in the days leading up to Christmas. Right after Christmas is the New Year, right?

You know, the time of year when all those promises about how you’re going to [insert cliché here]? Well, this year will be different because this year, you’re going to have the tools you need to achieve some of your financial goals. YNAB (You Need A Budget) is the software you need to get the ball rolling.

And I’m going to giveaway a free copy!

Are you buried in debt? YNAB can help.

Do you have savings goals (be they short-term or long-term)? YNAB can help.

Do you have trouble sticking to a budget because it’s too overwhelming? YNAB can help.

Believe me when I say the Wife and I have tried a myriad of different ways to budget our money. We’ve tried Quicken, Mint, Google Docs, Excel, Pen/Paper…even Dave Ramsey‘s Gazelle Budget (and we LOVE Dave).

I’m here to tell you, though, that YNAB is bar-none, hands-down, the superior choice.

Their customer service is excellent and they have free tutorials about their software. They even offer a 34-day free trial period…of the full version, not a lame “lite” version.

Enter the giveaway!

Share with your friends (the more you share, the more entries you get).

Take control of your finances. It all starts with a budget. You simply cannot achieve your financial goals (at least not as efficiently and painlessly) without a plan for your money. That is what a budget is, my friends.

If you’re too impatient, you can use my affiliate link for $6 off and start getting control today!  As a matter of fact, if you purchase YNAB using the link and you end up winning, you have two options:

1. I will reimburse you for the cost of the software (simply save your email receipt as proof of purchase)


2. You can gift YNAB to someone else!

This giveaway is only the beginning of the value MCPD will bring you in 2015. No sense in waiting until January to start something new.

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