Changes on the Horizon

Yours truly has been invited by the good people at FRNtv to join their motley crew. In part, I think they have enjoyed my snarky quips over the years. The other side of the coin is I’m pretty sure I guilted ’em into it since I hadn’t seen any police representation in their midst.

That’ll teach me to open my big, dumb mouth. Now I have to be responsible for the LEO content. *Sigh*

I’m excited (and nervous) to be a part of something that has all the possibilities of surpassing our greatest expectations. You can count on me asking you what kinds of content you want to see. I plan on scouring the country for the industry’s top professionals to answer your questions. They’ll be presented to you in blog form, audio, and video.
I’m getting ready to step well outside my comfort zone with people like my longstanding partner-in-crime (pun intended), Happy Medic.

The blog address will remain the same. The Crossover Show will continue…we have too much fun doing it to quit. They will both be hosted by First Responders Network. At FRN, you’ll have access to all kinds of cool features and content that truly span the first responder dynamic. Fire, EMS, and now Law Enforcement are well represented (the last one might be a bit dodgy, but give me time to get my feet wet). If you were unaware, FRNtv is the brainchild of the kids that brought you Chronicles of EMS. Just you wait for what we have planned for you in the coming months. It’s gonna blow your minds.

Speaking of blowing minds, SoulCrusher/MC shirts are being designed as we speak and the link will be announced soon. In the interest of you all keeping me honest, I’m also announcing my plan to publish a book of my previous content. I need to spend some time editing and preparing it for a more publishable format, but I hope to have that process moving forward soon.

All of theses new and exciting projects are right around the corner…and the Wife is about halfway to 40 weeks preggers. I’m tired already!

Finally, things at MCPD have cooled a bit and I’m comfortable with getting back to the business of educating and entertaining the lot of you! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Your kind words and encouragement have always made me come back with confidence that what I do here is not only understood but appreciated.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Snark is encouraged. Being a prat is not.

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