The Crossover Show – 040

crossover showIn this week’s episode, MC and HM shake their heads in combined wonder at a little-known malady.

That malady?

Auto-brewery syndrome.

From a case in New York, the guys discuss if this syndrome is legit or a legal loophole.

They also may or may not have discussed the blessing in disguise this same syndrome could very well be.

Don’t judge them too harshly.

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Podcast – Detective w/ Lt. Joe Kenda. MC binge listened to this on a long road trip and recommends it highly!

The Crossover Show – 032

Leave Santa alone! We have your Christmas ideas!

crossover showMotorcop and Happy Medic need your help!  Not only to define exactly what “Balls cold” and “Balls warm” might mean, but help to pick out gifts for the firefighter, medic or cop in your life.
The guys discuss some odd gift ideas found on another site as well as their own favorite and least favorite gifts to get.

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The Crossover Show – 027

In a Podcast Far, Far Away...

crossover showWe are 49 days away from the best day of the year.

Not Christmas, you fool!  Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens!

Ordinarily, you’d be listening to HM and MC on the internet’s best Police/Fire/EMS podcast talking about maybe a high school student in South Carolina being a disrespectful jerk and what happened after…

…but not today!

Today, they are talking Star Wars!

You want rumors? They have ’em!  You want theories? They have ’em!

Next week, they’ll return to their usual schtick…but they just couldn’t resist talking about the greatest film franchise ever.

How to Disarm A Cop

The British Edition


This lady (I guess) seems to think she can disarm this NYPD officer.

I love the British.

They’re quaint. They’re polite. They have excellent beer.

However, I’m not sure this is the smartest thing I’ve ever heard a Brit say.

First, let’s address the obvious. It’s incredibly tempting to question the veracity of the presence of two X-chromosomes; however, I don’t want this to devolve into juvenility. Again, even though it’s so. very. tempting.

Second, let’s start with the overly dramatic hyperbole of her concern regarding her morning coffee ending in a gun battle.

Here’s a suggestion, dearie:

Don’t try to disarm the cop in front of you.

The Crossover Show – 025

Complacency - Don't Do It

crossover showMC and HM are back for another week of routine frivolity.


Have you gotten used to the routine of them having another show for you on Fridays?  Okay, to be fair, that’s not that big a deal. Consistency is cool.

Complacency is not.

In this episode, MC and HM talk about the myriad of ways complacency digs its way into our day-in-day-out work days and how reliance upon “routine” can get you hurt…or worse.

If you’ve listened to the show before (or this is your first time and you dig it), do the guys a favor and head over to iTunes and give them a 6-star review (it’s totally not a thing we made up). Let them know how they’re doing.  Their egos are fragile. Especially the taller one.  Like an eggshell.

I’m Going to Sue You

Words that Don't Scare Me Anymore

Who wins when someone gets sued? Lawyers.

Who wins in when someone gets sued? Lawyers.

If you spend even a moderate amount of time in law enforcement, odds are pretty good you’ll get sued at some point for simply doing your job.

For example, I’ve been sued in federal court for excessive force. After being attacked by two people.

Yeah, you read that right…but that’s a different post.

This post is about an example of a silly threat to sue…particularly because what I was doing ended up benefitting the suspect.

Breast Cancer Awareness – Oh, the Pink!

You suck at it...literally.

Is it October already?! I hadn't noticed.

Is it October already?! I hadn’t noticed.

As you know by now, the Pink has arrived. The NFL. MLB. The Walks. They’re all back.

Go ahead and put all your blue away from September. Because you supported Prostate Cancer Awareness, right?

Listen, my Mom’s a breast cancer survivor. I’m all for awareness and beating the living shit out this insidious disease. Having said that (and Mom agrees), the Pink is a bit much.

But that’s not what this post is about.

No, my friends, this is a story about a stop I had last week. On October 1st…I mean October 1st.  My bad. This story is about a lady that quite literally sucked at breast cancer awareness.

The Crossover Show – 022

Help! My partner sucks!

crossover showThis week, MC and HM take some listener mail. Phil wants to know what to do when presented with a “challenging” partner.

Let’s say your partner smells horrific. Or she insists on only eating the most pungent of French cheeses. Perhaps he is a Mary Kay salesperson (don’t judge) and won’t shut up about the “great deals” he can offer you.

What do you do?!

Spoiler Alert: It seems reacting in a physically violent manner may, in fact, not be the preferable solution.

Listen in as the guys talk about strategies to improve your partnership!

The Nine Types of Drivers You’ll Meet on a Traffic Stop

A Uniform Stories Post

Uniform StoriesThis post originally appeared on the Uniform Stories website and is reprinted here with their permission.

In my capacity as a law enforcement officer and, more specifically, as a motor officer, I contact a lot of folks. Primarily, my interaction occurs during an enforcement stop. You may call them “traffic stops”. Either moniker will do.

Over the last 8 ½ years in my current assignment as a motor officer, it has occurred to me there are a finite amount of the kinds of people I will speak with during a stop. It wasn’t until recently, though, that I decided it would be amusing to officially categorize them.

What follows is by no means a comprehensive list of the kinds of folks one may encounter during traffic stop. However, these are my experiences. If you are a fellow enforcer of the law, you may have crossed paths with some of these folks. I invite you to add to the list in the comments below.

Politics: The Inescapable Frustration and Art of Ignorance

Surprise! The thing for which you thought you were voting wasn't actually the thing you thought it was!


This is often what I think of politics.

As we near yet another presidential election that will find me hiding innumerable people in the social media sphere so I don’t have to listen to their constant blathering about how this candidate will save us all or that candidate is a moron, I am reminded that politics never ceases to irritate me.

What’s worse are the people who vote with no idea about that for which they are voting. Now don’t get me wrong, I support the notion that we all have the right to vote, but I think perhaps we should be required to pass some kind of common sense test before they allow us to enter the voting booth.

Case in point: Prop. 47 here in CA.

This proposition was voted into law in November 2014. The combination of the ignorance of the populace of this state and the underhanded shell game of the purveyors of Prop. 47 have worked together to significantly undermine the safety of the state of CA.

You may be wondering (particularly those of you outside the state of CA) what the big deal is. I mean after all, a simple google search will tell you the title of Prop. 47 is “The Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act of 2014”.

Who in their right mind wouldn’t vote for safer neighborhoods and schools?! Which is why it was called that in the first damn place, I suspect.

Prop. 47 does the following according to the Official Voter Information Guide :