Breast Cancer Awareness – Oh, the Pink!

You suck at it...literally.

Is it October already?! I hadn't noticed.

Is it October already?! I hadn’t noticed.

As you know by now, the Pink has arrived. The NFL. MLB. The Walks. They’re all back.

Go ahead and put all your blue away from September. Because you supported Prostate Cancer Awareness, right?

Listen, my Mom’s a breast cancer survivor. I’m all for awareness and beating the living shit out this insidious disease. Having said that (and Mom agrees), the Pink is a bit much.

But that’s not what this post is about.

No, my friends, this is a story about a stop I had last week. On October 1st…I mean October 1st.  My bad. This story is about a lady that quite literally sucked at breast cancer awareness.

I stopped a car for driving 15 mph over the posted 40 mph speed limit. The rear license plate read “Fight Like a Girl.”

I can dig it. Like I said, I’m all for awareness and eradicating this heinous blight on humanity. I’ve learned a lot about cancer since co-founding Kilted to Kick Cancer five years ago. For example, did you know that breast cancer in women is genetically linked to prostate cancer in men?

That means I am genetically pre-disposed to cancer.

Yeah, me.

I take our work with Kilted pretty damn seriously and I am half kidding about the pink explosion during October (if the other half is shaking my head about all the dudes wearing pink, but refuse to acknowledge their own risks for prostate cancer).

As I walked up to the car, I noticed paraphernalia on the front passenger seat. Before my eyes moved on to the hands of the driver (safety first!), I noticed a distinct aroma about a nanosecond before I saw the driver’s fingernails and what was clutched between her fingers.

A cigarette.

My hypocrisy alarm sounded so loudly, I’m surprised she didn’t jump. It took every ounce of restraint I had not to say, “Quick question. Did you know that smoking causes FREAKING CANCER?!”

Instead, I walked back to the bike with her information and immediately called my buddy (and Kilted co-founder), The Happy Medic, to tell him my amusing tale.

Folks, when I say this lady sucked at her awareness campaign, I don’t mean it figuratively. She was literally sucking in the very thing that could give her cancer.

In related news, I am incredibly proud of my ability to refrain from clowning this lady mercilessly.

I just can’t even…How do you not understand…cigarettes bad…ARGH.

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3 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness – Oh, the Pink!

  1. You know I’m all for cancer awareness as my wife is a cancer survivor, although not of the popular one. I think an awareness in general should be made for all types of cancers and not just the pink one. How about testical cancer, the slogan can be, “Save the sack” !! My opinion.

  2. Good on you. Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, she’d likely resent being told that and smoke MORE to “show you”.

    Then, too… from all I’m told, nicotine addiction is a BITCH to kick. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life and don’t intend to start (I think they stink, literally!), so I only know second hand. But I refuse to try a pipe… I *like* the way a pipe smells, and I’m terribly afraid I’d like it TOO much.

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