How to Beat the OverTime Cycle & Start Making Traction with Your Cash

For those of you that have been following the blog for awhile, you are well aware of the journey the Wife and I have made with regard to our finances.  Some of you have inquired over the years.  Some of you have even become clients of my financial coaching business, GPS Financial Coaching.

If you are new to the blog or weren’t around back in December of 2011, take a few minutes and read my post about Debt Freedom.

This past year has seen quite a few changes around MCPD.  I traveled to Tennessee to complete Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Series and attended some additional training with Dave’s team via webinar.  I am now the only (at least as of this writing) Independent Dave Ramsey Finance Coach in the SF Bay Area.

I can only put up with nitwits and knuckleheads the driving public for so long before I pop a gasket, so GPS is my exit strategy from the life of a professional SoulCrusher.

To wit, I have a rather large announcement along those lines.

In June of this year, I am kicking off a new offering from GPS Financial Coaching specifically geared toward law enforcement.  I have joined forces with a nation-wide group of other Dave Ramsey-trained coaches and I will be conducting two different seminars.

The first is Planning for Emergency Responses in Your Financial Life.  The second is Tackling Debt.

As a 15-year veteran of law enforcement, I have held a number of assignments and have walked in many shoes.

Have you ever felt yourself listless and ineffective at work?  Have you ever found your mind wandering to your mortgage payment en route to a “routine” call or even a priority detail? Have you ever made finance-related inquiries either via phone or on-line while on duty?

Because I have…or at least, I used to.

The Overtime Cycle

The OT Cycle is the insidious cycle in which we find ourselves working more in order to spend more which, in turn, requires us to work more.  It’s a complete downward spiral.

In a recent column for, Professor Mark Bond cited a 2012 study on police officer fatigue. The study found that fatigued officers:

  • Use more sick time
  • Have difficulty managing successful personal relationships
  • Have time management issues (reporting for duty on time)
  • Mistakes on departmental and court paperwork
  • Sleeping on duty (rotating shiftwork)
  • Generate higher rates of citizen complaints for reported misconduct
  • Tend to have problems communicating with supervisors and have stressful relationships with superiors
  • Problems testifying in court regarding being prepared
  • Experience more accidental injuries on duty
  • Early retirement (burnout)
  • Are at a higher risk of being seriously injured or killed by not focusing and recognizing danger signs

Any of those sound like you?  Is the OverTime Cycle putting you in jeopardy?  Is your fatigue putting your life at risk?

You’re damn right it is.

I can show you how to begin to break the OverTime Cycle, improve your work life, and, more importantly, improve your home life.

It all begins with a plan.

If you are local to the SF Bay Area and are interested in attending this seminar, you have two options:

1. June 4th at 1800 hrs.

2. June 7th at 1000 hrs.

Follow this link for more information.  Seating is limited and prices will rise as we get closer to the event.  The seminar is being sponsored by the Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriff’s Association.  Deputy Sheriffs from that county are being covered by their DSA.  Officers from outside agencies will have to pay their own way.  Pricing information is available at the aforementioned link.

If this is something your agency/POA/DSA would be interested in sponsoring, please direct them here to get in touch with me directly.

Friends, I truly hope to see you there so I can show you exactly how I got my life back and how you can do the same.


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