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Doesn’t it suck that when you want to ask a cop a question, there’s never one around?

Or even worse, the only time you get the opportunity to ask one is when you get pulled over! Not exactly the most opportune of moments, right?

Well, here at MCPD, we want to alleviate that whole problem for you all in one convenient place!

Now, you can ASK MC!

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You and I both know you have questions. As it happens, I have answers!*

Ask away, my friends! There is a button below that will allow you to record your question and be featured on Uniform Stories‘ Ask Motorcop!

If your voice sounds like you’ve been a two pack a day smoker gargling fighting cats and you would rather not have your question featured audibly, you can always send me an email and I’ll do my best Cary Grant and/or Sean Connery impression in your stead.**

So, click below, leave your question and your road to fame and fortune begins!***

*It should be noted my answers may or may not be related to the questions you ask. I reserve the right to be a smartass in my responses. I am not, contrary to popular (read: in my head) opinion, the end-all, be-all of law enforcement knowledge. Thus, I reserve the right to make shit up on the fly and/or answer your question with a dirty limerick.

**I do neither of those things well.

***Guarantees of both fame and fortune, or fame separate from fortune, as well as fortune separate from fame are vastly overstated (read: totally freaking made up).

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Snark is encouraged. Being a prat is not.

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4 thoughts on “Ask MC

  1. I’ll post a question (or series of questions) here:
    Do you carry a taser?
    If yes, did you get tased in training?
    If yes, ‘clip on’ leads or actual ‘prongs in the back’ 5 second ride?

    Bonus questions … if yes to getting tased:
    Is there a video of the event?
    If yes, will you post it?

    • Yes;
      Yes – volunteered;
      Prongs in the back for the 5 second ride;
      No video (that was given to me) and I may of posted, but there are enough already out there.

  2. Yesterday I was spreading love and joy to our local (and non local since we don’t discriminate) speeders as only a motor officer can. I had a situation arise that may be a twofor and would like you to opine.

    I exited my perch (aka hiding spot) after realizing that a driver needed a counseling session and activated my “hey you…yes I’m behind you for a reason & it is not just cause I think you have a nice bumper” lights.

    The luckiest individual for that five minutes in time was stopped at the red light in the #2 lane of a three lane divided highway. He then proceeded to turn right across the #3 & right turn lanes onto the cross road and then stop in the middle of that road as if to say “I own this”.

    I ordered him to pull into the parking lot that was conveniently located to his right. When I explained to him that I stopped him for his speed and the improper right turn he explained that he thought I wanted him to hurry up and move so I would not have to wait. He said he didn’t know what he should do. I politely thanked him for thinking of me but assured him that I would wait the extra 30 seconds till the light changed and he could continue to follow the rules of the road.

    My question to you is does that constitute a Twofor or does a Twofor have to be a second round of counseling after the fist counseling session has ended?

    • Not a TwoFor – you were the reason he did the right turn from the #2 lane.
      My thoughts.