Ask MC – The HM Connection AKA How The Bromance Began

In an effort to be consistent for two whole weeks in a row, I give you this weeks’ iteration of Ask MC!

Last week, Ron ErtlGuy King (who is quite the incredible gent, by the by) asked me how my intrepid friend, Happy Medic, and I met.  While not an LEO-specific question, after five years of blogging ( four of them blogging about/with HM), I figured it was not only a legit question, but one past due.

Want the nutshell version?

I was stalked on-line.

Creepy, right?  I know!

One day, about four years ago, I received an email from our mutual friend, the BlogStocker (a name he earned because of this story).  In the email, BlogStocker said he had been following the blog for awhile and he also knew Happy Medic read my stuff as well.  He brazenly said he suspected we were located close to one another and said he and HM were headed out to grab a beer, so he thought he’d invite me along.

In a moment of weakness, possibly due to my affinity for frosty adult beverages, I acquiesced.  However, being the smart copper that I am, I left instructions with the Wife to contact the local police if she didn’t hear from me within about 15 minutes of my departure.

I walked into a local watering hole and saw two suspicious blokes near the back of the bar.  Had to be them.  I walked over and made eye contact with the BlogStocker and said, “Blogstocker?”  We shook hands and then I shook hands with HM.

Saluting Boston PD a few months back

Saluting Boston PD a few months back

He had no idea who I was and when BlogStocker answered the inquisitive look by saying, “This is MotorCop” you’d have thought he was meeting a rock star.  It was a great memory.  Of course, the Wife called to check on me and was relieved to hear I wasn’t in anyone’s trunk.

That is only the beginning of our tale, however.  Turns out, my life has intertwined with HM’s since the mid-90s, unbeknownst to either of us.  Mrs. HM and I went to college together and HM was at my college graduation, but I knew neither of them at the time.

In 2006, the Wife and I stayed at a great bed-and-breakfast in Mendocino for our one-year anniversary.  Whilst there, she told me I was going to be a father.  It was one of the happiest days of my life.  I wrote about it in the journal available in the room in which we stayed.

Fast forward to 2011.  HM and I were headed to Magnum Boots for a meeting regarding Kilted to Kick Cancer and stumbled on the topic of cool places to stay with the Wives.  I mentioned this particular B&B.  HM looked at me and said, “Did you write in a book?!?”  I said I had.

We nearly crashed.

Seems he and Mrs. HM had stayed in the same room some time after we had.  We didn’t know each other at the time and when they read the story I wrote, they had tears in their eyes and, years later, had goose bumps when he found out I was the same man that wrote the story.

HM has two HM jrs and I have three MClets.  They are all around the same age.  Our Wives are incredible.  We both excel at our jobs.  We have an affinity for beer, snark, and family.

I can unequivocally say that outside of the Wife, the man is my best friend and I should this blog die today, it will have been a success because of the friendship that has built out of it.

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