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Today’s question comes from Thomas. He wants to know the LEO thought process behind “not busting someone for doing something blatantly illegal”.

Thomas provided the following example:
I recall times I’ve been sitting at a stoplight and I’ve seen a police car/motorcycle sitting at the same intersection with me waiting for a green light. Some less-than-observant-driver will do something like run the red or not stop when making a right turn on red or obviously speed through, yet the LEO does not make the stop.
A valid question, Thomas. I wish I had a simple answer for you. Unfortunately, there is quite the range from which to choose. It could be the officer is one his way to a call that supersedes a simple traffic violation. Keep in mind, not nearly every call we go to entails lights and sirens. Another possibility is the officer simply didn’t see it. Contrary to popular belief, we are human and we miss shit sometimes. Could be he/she was using their MDC or there is a hot call on the radio and he/she is listening for updated locations. Maybe he/she was sharing witty repartee with a beat partner via computer.
Could be he/she is just lazy or just didn’t feel like it…never can tell. Wish I could be more helpful, sometimes reality just isn’t that exciting. I still appreciate the question, though!

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  1. Another valid reason:
    Due to the level of traffic and design of the roadway/intersection, it wouldn't be safe to make the needed manuever to go after the offender.

  2. I agree with Ron. There are WAY too many officer deaths due to traffic collisions, and I can see why many cops wouldn't bother risking their life by cutting across 3-6 lanes of moving traffic just to catch someone who did a 5mph California roll through a right on red, unless there's someone else about the driver/vehicle that catches the officer's attention.

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