Armor of God, anyone?

Why it’s cool to have a police officer in your congregation.

I’ve had occasion over the past couple of months to visit my church whilst in uniform. The first couple were during my wife’s women’s Bible study and once while she and I were facilitating Financial Peace University.

The reactions I got were mixed, but altogether positive. It was an experience I’m not used to since I’m a motor officer, most of the folks I interact with aren’t exactly beside themselves thrilled to meet me. I got the ubiquitous “uh-oh, who is he here for?” stare. I heard smatterings of “Good Morning, Officer”. I saw the church secretary hip check a toddler to see if I needed anything. And then there were the ladies at the Bible study. Those women love a man in uniform. Or maybe it’s the boots…they dig the boots, too.

I’m pretty sure I heard the pastor getting ready to launch into an Ephesians 6 tirade about the armor of God…what with the bullet proof vest and all.

It got me to thinking. I’ve been going to my church for about a year now. Usually, I’m incognito in my blue jeans and button down. I’ve actually run into another guy that works for the same agency as me. When we walk through the doors and meander our way to drop our kids off, no one is the wiser about our professions.

Much like Nicholson said in A Few Good Men, you want us in your church. You need us in your church. Here’s three reasons why…


  1. When the terrorists attack, we’ve got it handled. You come to worship God. So do we; however, before the hallelujahs and the praying, we’re plotting tactics and escape routes. Do you know the quickest and most unobtrusive way to get to your child’s Sunday school room? I do. Would it surprise you to know I’ve already dug foxholes in the neighboring fields from which I can spring and yell “WOLVERINES!!!”? (Remember when Charlie Sheen wasn’t nuts?)

  1. At some point, you’re going to get a ticket. You’ll find us next to the coffee urn some Sunday morning and shamefacedly admit you’re car is unregistered or your taillight was busted. You can’t handle the embarrassment of finding an on-duty police officer to sign it off because you don’t want to deal with the judgement. We’re church people, though, so you know we’re honor bound to forgive.

  2. When you get to know us, you’ll want to come out for a ride-a-long. Be honest, you love NYPD Blue and SouthLAnd as much as we do. You want to feel that adrenaline rush we experience all the time. Plus, you should feel pretty safe what with God being my beat partner and all.

All kidding aside, I have to say how much we appreciate the “thank you” and the “God bless you” we hear when happenstance finds us in uniform at church. With all the negativity that surrounds our profession, it is refreshing to have positive reinforcement foisted upon us. I feel confident in speaking for the guy or girl in your congregation that’s a cop when I say come up and talk to us. We’re just as human as you and we need good, positive, Christian support more than we can ever explain.

And by the way, the picture above is of St. Michael defeating Satan. I’m not Catholic, but I’m down with St. Michael. He’s the patron saint of cops. We’ll take all the help we can get!

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11 thoughts on “Armor of God, anyone?

  1. My dad was a cop before he became a preacher. I think this is one entry I'm going to have to forward to him. 🙂

  2. A Motorcop in motor pants & boots is definitely worth a second or even third look… Only thing that trumps that is a man in Marine Corps dress blues.
    Our guys here only wear them in the winter though.

  3. Like Rebecca my dad was in Law Enforcement before going into the ministry. I think the two can go hand in hand a lot.

  4. How do you guys really feel about ride-a-longs? Intrusive? Point of pride to show what you do? Indifferent?
    I've had the opportunity to go out with my dad on a few night shifts and we had a blast, but then, I'm his son.

  5. Come on now. Everyone knows my Red Serge, Horse Pants and Knee High brown boots trumps anything anyone else has to offer.

    • BSC, if you’ve got it, then show it! Personally, I prefer the look of brown boots over the classic black, but that’s just a matter of taste!

  6. Nate…

    Depends on the ride-a-long. If it's some random person we get stuck with, it's less than enjoyable. If it's a friend or someone we at least know, I enjoy them.

  7. Words of wisdom MC thanks for the post.
    I have heard of police officers who won't tell their neighbours what they do for a living because of the look and the change of attitude (although I guess in your case the bike is a bit of a giveaway). It would be good if your line of thought could spread beyond church and that the person next door or down the street who is also Police Officer could first be seen as a neighbour and not just the door to bang on if there is trouble. We the community should see the man or woman before we see the uniform.
    Keep safe and have a great Easter. May St. Michael always be looking over your shoulder.

  8. After some recent church shooting, we got a group of our LEO's together and now have 2 at each of our 5 church services. Most of the time we deal with medical aid type stuff but have had a chance to deal with a guy who left a bag near the stage and then started texting someone that he had dropped off the package.

    I do hate it when my church going friends approach me and attempt to find a way to skirt the law for some rhime or reason.

  9. A Motorcop in breeches & boots is definitely worth drooling over! (come on people just admit it)

    When you’re not being ticketed, you can really get to know them and find out whether they’re a nice person or are really as much of a dick as they seem (yes, I’ve done this and know from experience that they can be).

    When you meet the friendly ones, be on your best behavior (at least initially, if nothing else), because it can be worth knowing them.
    And please people! Don’t ask for favors, like fixing tickets or some shit like that. That’s just rude! (and in terribly bad taste 😛 )

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