Another emotional day

Today, I went to another funeral.

On 11/12/08, Deputy Larry Canfield died doing exactly what I do every day. He was trying to catch a speeder. Deputy Canfield was a Motor with the contract city of Rancho Cordova (contracted with Sac County SO). It’s hard to consider that something like The gist is as follows…

Deputy Canfield was on his Motor using his Lidar when he witnessed a speeder. While attempting to catch the speeder, with his emergency lites active and his siren on, a 79 year old driver made a left hand turn directly in front of Deputy Canfield. Deputy Canfield hit the vehicle and was ejected from his Motor. The local paper stated Deputy Canfield most likely didn’t feel much, if anything at all.

I think this one was harder for me because Deputy Canfield was my brother. Not biologically. But he was a Motor. We’re a breed apart. We’re different. There is actually a T-shirt I’ve seen worn that says “Motor cops even scare other cops.”

During the processional from the church to the cemetary, I was connected via radio to a few other Motors. One said, “As far as I can see…only Motors.” To which another responded, “As it should be.” Still one more said, “We’re a band of brothers.” I was too overwhelmed at the time to verbalize how much I agree with all of them. As far as I could see, in front of me and behind, the only thing I saw was Motors. We all had our lites on. It’s a very powerful image.

The processional went for between 15 and 20 miles. On EVERY overpass people were lined up. Most of the overpasses had Fire trucks with Fire personnel standing on top of their rigs. They were either at parade rest or saluting. Since my Dad is retired Fire, I cried at every overpass. I wanted to salute them back; however, my right hand control the throttle and in such close proximity to the other guys, you just can’t let go. Instead, and I have the Wife to thank for this, I signed “Thank You” with my left hand. It made me feel better. Maybe someone understood me.

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