Another Concerned Citizen

If you’ve not been to the Facebook fan page…well, why not? All the cool kids are doing it. Geez.

At any rate, the following video was submitted by Craig Farley (Thanks, Craig!). The video was made somewhere in the South, judging by the accent. A citizen is pitching a fit about the “waste of taxpayer’s money” regarding a speed enforcement sign.
The term “comeuppance” comes to mind…

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7 thoughts on “Another Concerned Citizen

  1. I saw these signs in Virginia a few weeks back. Is it really possible to assess speed from the sky?


  2. Thanks for posting this. I almost fell for it until, of course, the end. Puts a new spin on "speed enforcement by air!" LOL! I can just see you now — the cool cop with a jet pack.

    By the way, the person in the video refers to DeKalb County, which is in the greater Atlanta, Georgia, metro area.

  3. I recognize this street! I drove down it twice a day every Monday thru Friday for 11 years. I don't know if whoever cgi'ed the aircraft in filmed it for that purpose or if they found it on the web and added the aircraft to it, but the speaker has a point about the speed vehicles travel that road. The speed limit is 35 mph and you can't see it but around the bend is an elementary school where a student was struck and killed in a crosswalk about 3 years ago.

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