Another Christmas Tale

This one heralds back to ’08, but I thought it was amusing enough to share. I don’t remember the specific date of the stop, but it was definitely in the days preceding Christmas. Please to enjoy…

I stopped a car for speeding on one of the Town’s major thoroughfares. I ran the usual spiel and returned to the vehicle with citation in hand. The driver was a nice lady and decided to give the “but it’s Christmas” excuse. Sometimes, you’ve gotta feel out the driver before you decide to run with a particular response. Some folks are hell bent on complaining regardless of what you say or do. Some can appreciate a good sense of humour. This lady was the latter.
MC: Okay, ma’am. Can you sign the highlighted yellow portion at the bottom, please.
WIS (Well-Intentioned Speeder): Oh, but it’s Christmas!
MC: Ma’am, Christmas isn’t for a few days. And, honestly, if I saw Santa Claus going as fast as you were in his sleigh, I’d have stopped him and given him a ticket as well.
WIS (laughing as she signed): Can’t really argue with that, now can I.
MC: Merry Christmas, ma’am.
WIS (still laughing): You, too, officer.

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4 thoughts on “Another Christmas Tale

  1. That's was heartwarming. They should make that into a Lifetime Christmas movie next year.

  2. I like it. 'They' say that Santa would have to travel 650 miles per second to make all his deliveries on time – what would the fine be for that? And can you charge Santa with reckless endangerment?

  3. At that speed I don't think MC would have been able to see Santa, let alone stop him. Some speeders you just have to admit defeat and shut down and Santa would be one of them.

    Now the Easter Bunny US MC's would have a chance on catching…..

  4. I find it amusing that Google chose to put an ad for TixNix on your site, and one for chocolate bark (not quite donuts but close).

    Ah, well, who's gonna b*tch about income?

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