And you’re whining why?

Thanks to Lee Rogers for posting this on the facebook page…

I don’t want to hear you people bitching about a $150 cell phone ticket anymore.

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4 thoughts on “And you’re whining why?

  1. Interesting, we just had a British guy and a bunch of his buddies busted for going 175kph through a 60 zone. Pretty sure he's seeing jail time for that – not sure how it'll work out though. Sounds like he's a soldier over here to train.

  2. What I find interesting is they base the fine partly on the individual's income. What a drastic change that would be to our current system! I don't know about other states but here in Colorado if you can't afford the whole fine at once they let you make payments and if you miss a payment without making other arrangements or having good cause they will issue a warrant for arrest. If they based it on income some states would certainly have much lower average fines than others for sure!

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