And to think I knew him when he was just Happy Medic

Today marks the beginning of a new way to look at EMS over at HMHQ and 999medic. Allow me to explain, just in case there are those of you who are uninitiated. About a year or so ago, a brash young man with the superhero moniker “Happy Medic” stumbled across an upstart’s blog with the help of a friend. Those of you who’ve been reading for awhile are well aware of the antics of MC and HM’s cross commentary on our respective blogs.

Earlier this year, HM and another paramedic (and a Foreigner at that!), one 999medic, also happened to begin to read each other’s trials and travails in the art that is EMS. 999medic is from the UK and they have a completely different approach to patient care. Now, keep in mind, I’ve no clue what the hell the differences are because as we all know, cops just hope to hell Fire gets on scene first for any heinous medical calls. Sufficed to say, HM and 999medic struck up a fast friendship and began to discuss how their respective services handle similar events. After all, the incidents are similar, patients are the same, why treat them so differently?

It seems some of those questions may very well get answered as The Project gets under way. The Project is the brain child of these two pioneers and has been renamed the Chronicles of EMS (which will be filmed on this side of the Pond by Thaddeus Setla of Setla Film Productions). As I type this, 999medic, better known as Mark Glencorse, is sitting down to breakfast with HM, better known as Justin Schorr, at SFFD HQ. Mark and Justin have shed their virtual Batman cowls and revealed themselves to the world. Their meeting marks a new direction in the use of social media and EMS. Mark will be spending eight days riding and working with Justin in the City. Immediately after which, Justin will fly to Newcastle in the UK and spend eight days riding and working with Mark.

This is an exciting Project that will hopefully serve to bridge the gap between the two vastly different methods of providing patient care in the world of EMS. You can follow along on Twitter, @happymedic or @ukmedic999…they also have their own youtube channel where they will be giving nightly journal updates on the day’s events.

I’m proud to know both of these men and I applaud their strives to change the way patients are treated and the way EMS care is provided.

Well done, gents!

The rest of you stay tuned for the entertaining story of how MC and HM met in the really real world!

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  1. Knowing MC as I do, having met HM and assuming that 999Medic has hoisted a few pints in his day … I hope they can get some work done on this deal. What an incredible opportunity! Kudos all around!

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