Always and Never

I can’t tell you the number of times I hear “I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt, stop, use my blue tooth, do the speed limit, etc.” and/or “I NEVER speed, run stop signs, use my cell, etc.” Every time I hear it I think of this…

Those two words have to be two of the most misused during a traffic stop. Folks, if you NEVER do something you’re not supposed to do and ALWAYS do what you’re supposed to do, we’d never meet. Make sense?

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11 thoughts on “Always and Never

  1. Which should lead to this phrase:

    "Hello. My name is Motor Cop. You broke my law. Prepare to die."



  2. You give them the ticket.. then they immediately call in to me telling me how unfair you where! That they didn't do what you said they did! Job security!

    – Dispatcher

  3. I was pulled over once in my 25 years of driving. I was 17 and speeding. So I guess I can't technically say I've always followed the rules.
    I will say, I am probably one of the most boring people to follow on the road though. (not to mention if I ever did get a ticket, my kids would never let me live it down)

  4. Amusing aside…happened in court again today. My defendant said, "I NEVER follow too closely."

    Um…except, apparently, for this time. Guilty. Had to argue with a Lidar.

  5. I got pulled over with Smith in the car because the motor officer thought I wasn't wearing my seat belt. I really do always wear it. I didn't get a ticket, and even saw the same motor a few days later…and was wearing my seat belt then, too.

    I won't talk about the speeding I do…

  6. I'm with anonymous…I put my seatbelt on to back the car out of the garage onto the driveway.

    It's a habit. Once you start you just can't stop.

  7. My husband and I Love your blog. All these jokes, references, style, spirit, all of it! Can we be friends? We are not scheming cons and we can prove it :-)))

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