Alright, ya Twhiner.

Twhiner n. a person that whines via Twitter. Also see: Chris Kaiser (Ckemtp).

Okay, to be fair, Chris asked me a question quite some time ago and wanted my take on a situation. I was (insert excuse here) and never got around to it…I just wanted to call him a name because it made me laugh. That’s right I made myself laugh. This is not unusual.

At any rate, Chris wanted to know my take on this situation. For those of you who prefer the Reader’s Digest version or simply have short attention spans (look, a rainbow!) the gist is as follows. A local church pastor (you read that correctly) asked a police Sgt. from the Indianapolis Metro PD to come give a talk at a youth symposium. Unbeknownst to the Sgt. (a white guy), the pastor had prearranged an “altercation” between two black males in the audience. The leader wanted to test the Sergeant’s reaction. The Sgt. was injured during the altercation and had drawn his Taser in preparation to shock the involved parties.

So, here’s my take. The pastor should have been arrested and/or sued by the department, city, and the Sgt. Of course, I’m relying solely on what the media and their well known ability to report accurately, but let’s say for the sake of argument they’re close to the truth. This was an inexcusable abuse of power by community leaders in an attempt to bait an officer into acting. I don’t think they were trying to set up a “teachable moment” at all. I think they were trying to catch the Sgt. with his pants down and expose what they assumed would be a racist reaction. You know who that makes racist? The idiots that concocted this bullshit to start with.

If the Indy Metro PD and the city don’t have the political will or the balls to sue these morons, I hope the Sgt. civilly sues the ever-loving crap out of them. If I were the involved officer, I’d shoot straight over the pastor’s head to the church board/leadership and light me some fires. This “man of God” should be ashamed of himself and is lucky nothing worse happened. Lead your flock, pastor, don’t waste your time trying to set up the men and women of your city that bust their ass on a daily basis protecting your right to pull stupid shit like this.

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  1. I've.. I've made it! I've been called out by Motorcop!

    I honestly told the wife.. and then SHOWED her on the computer screen.

    She was all excited! She was all like "Who?" and "Motorcop"? and "One of those guys who wanted to be a firefighter, right?"

    I thought that this would be an issue you'd be interested in. When I had to live in Indy for a few months for work, I came up with the hypothesis that "Indy's Crazy" and this story would be called "reproducable results" for the theory.

  2. Ugh. Wow. I'd missed that one until now, and I'm kinda glad I did. Imagine the fallout if someone actually had gotten tazered.

  3. "Who?" and "Motorcop"? and "One of those guys who wanted to be a firefighter, right?"

    pretty sure I was supposed to laugh at that and boy did I.

  4. I read that story about the pastor. It's an outrage. You can imagine the reaction from their side if this had been the other way around. Why is it that when the black community suffers a real or perceived offense, they are all up in your face, on the news, demanding apologies, demanding that someone be fired, demanding this and that. But when they are the ones under suspicion, everyone sweeps it under the rug. I don't get it.

  5. "Indy's crazy" When I moved here 16 years ago, I called it the land of mediocrity, which is actually quite generous. Not a bad place to visit, but leave your helping verbs behind, and for God's sake, WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!!! Unofficial state motto: "We take pride in our ignorance." The pastor is a true Hoosier.

  6. Right on MC!
    I live in that neck of the woods and I missed that story. Probably because the media is hell bent on making IMPD look bad. We have our share of problems right now. The big story is about an IMPD officer who ran into 3 motorcyclists (killing one) while he was drunk…on duty. It wasn't handled well so the public at large now believes the whole PD is corrupt and abusive. Such a shame. So so wrong that the media can't ever report on how great most of the PD is. *sigh* I for one, appreciate the hell out of you guys!!!!

  7. Love it. Now tell us what you think about the San Jose cop who handcuffed his daughter's boyfriend. I've been waiting for you to tackle that one, though I understand if it hits too close to home…

  8. The pastor should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. How disappointed he must be that he didn't get to call the officer a racist. If he wants to find racism he doesn't have to look any further than his own doorstep.
    The officer gets carted off to hospital with back pain and he denies that anyone was hurt. That says a lot. What a poor excuse of a man.

    On a lighter note – "twhiner". OK MC you made me laugh as well. (Sorry Chris).

  9. I wish the pew-sitters would see through these so-called "ministers." They will never rise out of poverty as long as they believe that they are permanent victims of racism.

    I agree that the pastor and the "actors" should be sued by the officer. I would also like to see the pastor charged with deliberately endangering the officer and the actors.

    I read the back articles, too, and I find it hilarious that the pastors are saying it's a conflict of interest for one of the Merit Board members to also be the head of… wait for it… the oldest civil rights organization in the city!

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