Addendum to the “Ashing” post

I just stopped a 28 year old woman for flicking the ash from her cigarette from her vehicle. She said, “I didn’t know it was illegal.” Okay, fair enough. Unfortunately, ignorance is no excuse for violating the law. I explained the inherent danger in throwing a lit, burning substance from a car and how it could light something on fire.

She again repeated, “I just didn’t know. I figured it was legal because of the biodegradable aspect.”


Uh…the biodegradable aspect? You mean the carcinogen within the ash is biodegradable? Or the house you could burn to the fucking ground?

Science is fun.

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3 thoughts on “Addendum to the “Ashing” post

  1. She didn't know, oh sure. I smoke, I know….we ALL know. This dispatcher doesn't toss her butts. (and yes we know it's bad for us!)

  2. "Littering is forbidden"
    "Littering is bad because because plastics/metals don't decompose"
    "Which why they're forbidden"
    "Cigarettes are made from paper and tobacco, both of which decompose."
    "Therefore throwing away a cigarette is not littering as I just defined it".
    "What is with the ash ?"
    "Ash is an fertilizer, it is extragood"

    "Oh shiny"

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