A Very Special Introduction to a New Blog

Although it’s a new blog, the blogger is a near five year vet of blogging. I’m proud to introduce you all to the woman that has made all my dreams come true…the Wife. Ever wonder how someone could put up with such a black-hearted blaggard? Ever wonder what life is like for me when I doff the boots and britches? All your questions (and more, I’m sure) will be answered at the Wife’s new blog, Beyond the Boots and Britches.

I’ve been instructed to inform you that she’s not sure how often she will update. Of course, I said that as well two and a half years ago. The Wife is a very busy woman, though. I certainly don’t want her to feel obligated to add yet another activity to her (in my opinion) very full plate.
This woman does it all, folks. She takes care of our beautiful girls. She co-ops at the eldest’s pre-school in addition to being on the board of same. There is always a warm meal for dinner. Our home is a comfortable, inviting, clean place. I tell you all that to tell you this…I’d rather strap on a kevlar vest and take my chances. God bless her.
Please join me in welcoming her! Leave her an encouraging hello and I’ll thank you indeed. She joins the league of oft-overlooked and under-appreciated support that keeps LEOs like me thriving!
This site is now defunct (relax, the Wife isn’t defunct). You can now find all of the Wife’s musings over at My Daily Crumbs where she blogs about intentional living. She is amazing.