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GPS600pxlsIf you’ve been a long-time reader, you are aware of the advances the Wife and I have made in our finances. If you’ve only been reading for a short while, you can check out a snapshot about our debt freedom.

You may also be aware of my financial coaching side business, GPS Financial Coaching. Recently, on the GPS Facebook page, I made an offer to my audience. I put a time limit on it and that time limit expired on the Fourth.

Now, I want to extend the offer to my email subscribers. It’s an offer unlike I’ve ever made before…but it’s only for my email subscribers.

What?! You’re not a subscriber?!

Well, you’re in luck! You can join my email list in a couple of ways.  If you’re interested in my FREE Traffic Court Testimony Template, you can click on the upper right sidebar to join my list and get that FREE template.

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I’ve sent out the special offer to my email subscribers already, but not to worry! If you join now, I’ll be sending out the offer again later this week.