A Special Happy Birthday

As you all know, I’ve a long history with one Happy Medic. HM (aka Justin Schorr) joined forces with a funny talking medic from across the pond (aka Mark Glencorse) and a visionary film maker (aka Thaddeus Setla). The three of them hatched a plot to change the world of EMS.

One year ago today, Chronicles of EMS was born in a San Francisco hotel room (not what you think, ya perv). #CoEMS (on the Twitter) documented Mark’s visit to San Francisco where he rode with Justin and they discussed the differences and nuances of their similar, yet vastly different, professions.
The movement caught on and they have garnered international attention. The future of EMS, and for that matter, first responders, looks bright. That is in no small part to three guys that all share a vision. With a new name (Beyond the Lights and Sirens) and numerous episodes under their belts, I have every confidence the EMS world is their veritable oyster.
Congrats, gents, on a job well done. May the future be full of blessings!
You can get to know these three cats on Twitter as @theHappyMedic, @setla, and @UKMedic999. By now, you should already be familiar with Happy’s blog…and if you aren’t familiar with Mark’s, go here!