A Responsible Driver?!?

This is a new one on me. I was so impressed with this lady, I figured I’d share it with you. By now, you may have grown weary of my repeated requests to take responsibility for your actions. It seems this lady was listening (or so I’m telling myself).

Today, I got a call regarding a hit and run that occurred on Sunday (two days ago, mind you). The detail of the call doesn’t include any information on either vehicle. Typically, in a case like this, we will contact the person and tell them they are welcome to fill out a counter report for their insurance purposes. Since we have no suspect information, there is nothing we can truly do for the victim of a hit and run (this is PDO (Property Damage Only), no injuries, so don’t get all excited on me) and the only reason they request a report is for their insurance.
I called the person that reported the issue. She wasn’t the victim. She was the “doer” (insert dramatic Law & Order style bump music)! She was actually a very nice lady. She told me the story of how she pulled out of a parking spot and was pretty close to another car, but she didn’t think she hit it, so she just went about her day. This morning, she noticed the damage and flashed back to Sunday.
She immediately contacted the police because she was afraid someone out there thought she had intentionally hit their car and left. I did a little checking and no one had reported any hit and runs on Sunday. She did mention that the other vehicle was a pretty big SUV with a hefty bumper and her vehicle scratches if you look at it sternly.
I assured her she was in the clear, but I did thank her for calling to make sure she hadn’t done something wrong. She told me she just wanted to make sure she was complying with the law.
Can you imagine such a thing?

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3 thoughts on “A Responsible Driver?!?

  1. My wife did the same thing, called in after the fact when she found damage and mentally connected the dots to a previous incident… knowing she was likely at fault.

    Yes, I can imagine such a thing. 😉

  2. Well! You've found a very rare breed!!!! You should see if you can clone her!


  3. Many years ago while in college, I came out of class and as I got into my car, I saw a note under my wiper blade. Someone had backed into my rear bumper in the parking lot. The damage was quite minor, but still, she left me a note with her name and phone number to contact her about it. I called her and told her not to worry about it (like I said the damage was minor – mostly paint transfer). Occasionally people surprise us!

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